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Unearthly Stillness

A Classic Doctor Who Icon Challenge Community

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A Doctor Who Classic Series Icon Challenge Community
Welcome to the Classic Series / Original Series / "Old Skool" Doctor Who icon challenge community.

We host at least one challenge per month - if user numbers and enthusiasm warrants, we'll do one every two weeks. There will be a set topic for each challenge, which may be a theme, a Doctor Who era, specific caps, or whatever strikes our fancy. ;) Voting is done by the community, and we have a first and second place as well as a Mod's Choice.
Icons that are entered in a challenge should not be used outside the community before the challenge is over.
Icons that are entered in a challenge should be new creations made specifically for the challenge.

Should you feel like sharing your Classic Series icons with us outside the challenge, feel free to do so. If there are more than three icons, please use an LJ-cut.

Caps and images can be found at The Doctor Who Image Archive, The Official BBC Doctor Who Site and The Tragical History Tour.
Please feel free to share any caps you might have made yourself or found elsewhere.

kerravonsen has an excellent screencap gallery of Caves of Androzani and Robots of Death.

A few words of advice:

  • Play nice. No flaming, harrassing our members, or pointing at their icons and laughing.
  • No icon stealing. No hotlinking. Give credit where credit is due.
  • This is a stillness community - no animated icons please.
  • This is a community exclusively for "Old Skool" Doctor Who; this means Doctors 1 to 8. If you want to do 9th or 10th Doctor (or Rose, Martha etc) icons, you should head over to one of the other Doctor Who icontest communities.
  • Have fun!

Your lovely Mods:
tysolna - Challenge Mod and general busybody
bibliophile1887 - LIMS Mod

Affiliated communities:
dw_icontest - Doctor Who Icontest community with weekly challenges.
classicdw_fic - The excellent Classic Doctor Who ficathon community.